Summary Description

Introduction - Pressurized Water Reactor Design Concept - Nuclear Island - Turbine Island - Plant layout - Plant Operations - Safety Considerations

Reactor Core and Nuclear Characteristics

  Fuel Pellets - Fuel Rods - Fuel Assemblies - Rod Cluster Control Assemblies - Core Thermal-Hydraulic Design - Reactivity Control

Reactor Coolant System

 Reactor Vessel - Reactor Internals - Control Rod Drive Mechanisms

Reactor Coolant Pumps - Steam Generators - Pressurizer - Piping and Valves

Auxiliary Fluid Systems

 Chemical and Volume Control System - Boron Thermal Regeneration System Residual Heat Removal System - Boron Recycle System

Steam Generator Blowdown Processing System

Containment Systems

Containment Structural Design - Isolation System

Containment Fan Cooler System

Instrumentation and Control

Nuclear Measurements - Digital Rod Position Indication System

Process Instrumentation - Nuclear Steam Supply Control System

Reactor protection System - Digital Radiation Monitoring System

Plant Electrical Systems

     6600-Volt and 480-Volt System - Diesel Generators

125-Volt DC Power System - Inverter Power Supply For Essential Services

Auxiliary Cooling System

      Circulating Water System - Service Water System

Spent Fuel Pool Cooling System

Fuel Handling Systems

Fuel Handling Facilities - Refueling Equipment - Refueling Operation

New Fuel Handling - Sigma Manipulator Crane - Reactor Cavity Filtration System

Waste Processing Systems

      Liquid Waste Processing System - Gaseous Waste Processing System Solid Waste Processing Systems

Turbine Generator and Related Systems

      Main Turbine - Main Generator - Main Steam and Reheaters

Feed water Heating System

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