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Opening the future to limitless clean energy.



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OPEN100 is an academic development framework for a small, standard, pressurized water reactor. Our goal is to accelerate deployment of the world's most vital solution to climate change: Nuclear Energy. 

The Problem

For the past 50 years, rising construction costs and delays associated with overly complicated and proprietary designs have severely limited the use of nuclear power.

Our Solution

We're open-sourcing the engineering behind the most successful historical nuclear energy deployments, offering the world an affordable alternative to fossil fuels.

Open Platform

Today, we offer reference plant schematics and a platform to compile ongoing research and design work. With the help of our partners and the National Labs, these drawings will evolve into a fully detailed, ready-to-build blueprint.

Future Vision

Our publicly available research platform will provide a foundation for new power plant development: aligning reactor startups, engineering firms, global utilities, and capital markets around a common framework.

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