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The three building structures of OPEN100 are multilevel structures that are interconnected. NSSS systems are located in the Containment Bldg. which is between the Turbine Bldg. and the Auxiliary Bldg. Systems that provide support to both the NSSS and the BOP are located in the Auxiliary Bldg. with a corridor providing access for piping and electrical systems to interconnect. Balance of Plant (BOP) and power generation equipment is located in the Turbine Building.



Frame Type: Erected Structural Steel
Number of Floors: 3
Bottom Floor Type: Reinforced concrete slab
Additional Floor Type: Structural steel w/ bar grating
Building Height: 70 ft

Detailed Design

Detailed Design Specifications

OPEN100_Facade, Steel and Foundations_8-
Video Explainer
OPEN100_Facade, Steel and Foundations_8-
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